Haji Abdul Ghafoor (Late)


There was a time when there were no clues of having a foundation for a business who will be the fate changing factor for the family so a charismatic soul came up with the idea of this business under the umbrella of “AL-NASEEB”. Although there were ample of financial helpers who tried a lot to not let him start this business because they all wanted him to be at their side and enjoy the perks of their money but he refused each and every offer from their side and prioritized hard work to gain the ability of self-made man and thus did deploy the sense of self-respect among the family members. This attitude helped a lot the son’s to always look upon the said principle which provided the foundation to carry forward the vision of Haji Abdul Ghafoor (late).


Haji Abdul Rauf Durrani


There is a common saying that a leader  is the one who creates and makes more leaders not followers and this sums up the impactful personality of our Chairman Haji Abdul Rauf Durrani ; the Impactful soul, who worked hard and ensured  to develop this company as a leading Dry Fruit point in Pakistan and then practically setting example of A true leader  challenging the status quo and going for the  expansion of the  business from a local status to a corporate level keeping in mind that   “Think globally , act locally”  and thus  worked hard  abroad and founded ,established a new venture “ SHIRKAT NASEEB HADI PARS” exporting Dry fruits to the international Markets.

Abdul Hadi Durrani


As there is a common saying that a “CEO” is the one who will establish a culture of gratitude, expanding the appreciative attitude towards suppliers, vendors, delivery people and of course consumer and this suits to one and only “Abdul Hadi Durrani”. His vision is to become the larger retailer in delivering quality dry fruits nationwide as well as outside the country.

Abdul Majeed Durrani


The true measure of the value of any business, leader and manager is performance and that performance is being supervised through our very own the blessed soul known for his dedication and work, very energetic and goal oriented personal “Abdul Majeed Durrani”. He has the experience of working in all departments of the Company and knows every basic driving tool to maximize the performance ratio. “Al NAseeeb “is blessed to have him on board.