About Us

“Al-Naseeb” is a shopping mall located in Quetta, Balochistan, the heart of Pakistan. When we talk about the distribution of products, “Al-Naseeb” mainly is popular for providing high quality “Dry fruits” since 1993. The company at fist in its starting days attained popularity with hard work and setting its mission to “Quality Hamari, Aithamd App ka”. This slogan is the recognition tool of our prestigious brand ”Al-Naseeb”. With this slogan “Al-Naseeb” tried their best to accommodate their customers and consequently has gained popularity for providing rich “dry-fruits” all over the country.

Demand in different regions of Pakistan for its quality products has drastically increased. Therefore, to manage the demand all over the country and to meet the values and expectations of our consumers, “Al-Naseeb” chose to exceed with the modern approach and started its “Online Chain” to keep following our vision. After a lot of thought and growing demand of our products “Al-Naseeb”expanded its “Online Chain”; started operating their orders through a vast setup of “Whatsapp Business Account, Call Centres working 24/7, E- Commerce website, Facebook, Instagram etc”. “Al-Naseeb” chose modern delivery methods to mobilize and connect all regions of Pakistan with providing door step delivery and so far the company is providing services with calling mechanism where placing orders are done through by calling and through phone exchange system and are booked through our “Online Chain”.

Vision Statement

Our vision is not less than anyone, “Al-Naseeb” want its product to be delivered all over the world and to fulfil this dream “Al-Naseeb” is expanding with every approaching day.


We strongly believe in our mission statement which is, “Quality Hamari, Aithamd App ka”. We want to deliver and provide great quality products in the world and to fill the world with “Al-Naseeb” high quality products and become “The Choice Of Generations”.

Historical Background

Al-Naseeb Dry-fruits and Shopping Centre which we all know as a drastically growing brand was once just nothing but a minor “Bandstand” in year 1993 which went selling dry fruits at first to satisfy its consumers needs and became a shop in year 1996 but with extraordinary efforts of our owner and executives now it’s one of the known brands for providing high quality “Dry-fruits” and “Food items” all over the country which became a delight for our consumers and in year 2010 it became a “Shopping Centre” which worked under the tag line of “Happy Online ???? ???? یخردا†ری†” and started to work under the umbrella of our motto to become “The Choice Of Generations”.. Al-Naseeb family including its executives, directors, team members all are equal part of this growing name. We always believe in equity and serving high quality products and one day with all the efforts of our team, “Al-Naseeb” will be dealing Globally.


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